Metadrobe: Discovering Your Style in 3D

Metadrobe is a tech venture concept that I developed as part of the entrepreneurship course at Penn. It is envisioned as a cross-platform application that aims to improve the fashion (particularly apparel) discovery process using 3D virtual try-on technology. Specifically, it uses mobile scanning solution (i.e. In3D) to produce users’ 3D avatars, while working with brands to create 3D garments using fashion CAD software like Clo3D. As a proof-of-concept, the try-on process took place in Houdini where a multi-layer draping and simulation system was developed to be able to procedurally fit clothes onto a user’s avatar with various animations applied. Finally, the simulations are cached out to OpenUSD format where they can be loaded in Nvidia Omniverse for real-time rendering.

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Here is a short rendered clip of me trying on three different outfits (free Clo3D assets from Sketchfab) on a small runway that I built.