Interactive Art Sketchbook with TouchDesigner

This is a series of experimental projects created as part of learning TouchDesigner. Since finding out about teamLab and Moment Factory in 2018, interactive and generative art has been a significant source of inspiration for my journey in computer graphics. I would love to continue creating unique interactive arts going forward as a way of sharpening my artistic skills, while delivering meaningful and fun experience to the audience.


The goal of the project was to understand the workings of the particlesGPU palette provided by TouchDesigner. A custom GLSL compute shader was implemented in TouchDesigner to simulate the boids, similar to how particlesGPU is implemented. The main algorithm is based on a previous project implemented in CUDA. Boids are controlled using LeapMotion where the boids will follow the user's finger.

Water Bending

This project uses the NVIDIA Flex Solver in TouchDesigner. The solver is based on Position-based Dynamics and allows for fast fluid simulation. LeapMotion is used as input to the system. When a user forms a fist, an attracting force will be created to suck the fluid in. When the user flips the hand over, the water will become gravity-free and will move based on some random noise pattern.