Narrowing Down in One EC Search

During my time at Yahoo, I was the Product Manager for a solution to improve the users search experience in Yahoo Taiwan's e-commerce platforms. Along with a designer and software engineer, we developed a solution to accelerate the time it takes for users to find the desired items among 28M total listings. The solution leveraged on two key technologies including Title Segementation and Boolean Search for the backend, while exposed to the user, is a swiping mechanism similar to Tinder. The prototype was developed and presented in Android.

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The basic user interaction for the solution is swiping. When user swipes right, a + icon is shown to indicate that the user wants something similar. When user swipes left, a - icon is shown to indicate that the user do not want to see items like this.

After the user has swiped an item, it will be show the keywords that are generated by our title segmentation algorithm. User can choose to add or remove the generated keywords.

Once the user has added a keyword to add or remove, it will show up at the top as a filter tag. This is analogous to the Boolean logic where (+) would be AND, while (-) woud be NOT. The search result is then further refined based on the tags.